Shanghai Weifang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a corporation which produces and sells chemical product.The employees engage in producing and selling a few years and have the experience,they can provide the superior product and customer service.The corporation locates international city-Shanghai,It is 8km apart form the west train station of Shanghai,It is 15km away from Hongqiao international airport,nearby the Huning super highway.The transportation is very convenient.
  The producing equipments are forerunner and the manage method is perfect,The corporation has very strong ablity of producing and developing product.The main products:Triphenylphosphine、Triphenylphosphine oxide、BPHA、Toluidine blue、Evans Blue、Sodium pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate、Ammonium pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate、Cupferron、Canada gum 、Acetal、Methyl acrylate Paraldehyde、Paraldehyde、Acetaldehyde、Diethylacctal、Sodium borohydride、8-Hydroxyquinoline、Hydroxylamine hydrochoride、Methylenumcoeruleum、Tri-potassium Citrate、P-Toluic acid、4-dimethylaminopyridine、Cuprous bromide、Aluminim nickle alloy、2356-Tetramethylpyra- zine(anhydrous)、2356-Tetramethylpyra- zine3H2O hydrate、Ligustrazine Hydrochloride、Ligustrazine Phosphate、Metformin Hydrochloride、Calcium Propionate、Sodium Propionate、L-Zinc Lactate、L-calcium Lactate、L-Sodium Lactate、Sodium Benzoate、Propane、Diethyl ether、Dichloroethane、Acetic ether、Triethyl phosphite、Magnesium、Hydrogen peroxide、1,1,1-trichloro ethane、Nitric acid、Sulfate acid、Chloride acid、Floohydric acid、Phosphate acid、Sodium hydroxide. The products are used for chemical,pesticide,medicine,oil catalyzation, resin,painting etc. The quality is good,some is in lead in domestic.
  We have and always will uphold the principle of "Credibilities is the priority, Clients the paramount"in serving the clients; We also rely the establishment of the long-term partnership with them on the reliable quality, cheap price, and excellent service . We are hereto sincerely expecting business client's gesture of cooperation with us, and we would jointly embark on new market.
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